Dan Marino Net Worth: Dan Marino is a resigned American football player who has a total assets of $50 million. After a 17-season vocation in the NFL, Marino turned into a record-breaking quarterback. Despite the fact that he always lost the Super Bowl, he is generally viewed as one of the best quarterbacks ever. Dan was a significant piece of the Miami Dolphins group, and he won praises like NFL Rookie of the Year and NFL Most Valuable Player. After he resigned before the 2000 season, Dan Marino was drafted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2005. Beyond football, Marino is renowned for showing up in a scope of TV and film projects. He has additionally been very familiar in altruistic pursuits throughout the long term.

Career EarningsĀ 

At the point when he joined the Dolphins in 1983, he marked a four-year $2.1 million agreement. In his last season he was acquiring $6 million for each season. During his NFL vocation, Dan acquired $51.5 million in complete compensation. He has likewise acquired several millions from supports which have proceeded with well after retirement.

As per a New York Times profile of Marino in 2002, by then Dan had a total assets of $45 million, with generally $23 million in fluid resources, $15 million in land and a few million bucks made in confidential ventures including a bank, places of business and a fairway. Tragically a portion of those land resources and confidential ventures would ultimately turn stomach up, as we detail later in this article.

By then he was procuring $2 million every year as a co-host of “Inside the NFL” and $1 million from supports with organizations like AutoNation and Nabsico.

Early Life

Daniel Constantine Marino Jr. was brought into the world on September fifteenth of 1961 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Brought close by two sisters up in a family with Italian and Polish parentage, Dan went to Catholic schools as a kid. He was at first talented in both baseball and football during his secondary school days.

In the wake of moving on from secondary school, Dan went to the University of Pittsburgh and played with the Panthers from 1979 to 1982. During this period, the Panthers acquired a main positioning in the country and profited from a capable crew – a considerable lot of which would later become effective in the NFL. Sadly, Dan’s structure plunged during his senior year – just before he entered the NFL draft.


In 1983, Marino was drafted by the Miami Dolphins as the 27th generally pick in the main round. During his new kid on the block season, Dan set a few new standards. By his subsequent season, he had earned back the original investment more records – a considerable lot of which actually stand in 2020. Notwithstanding arriving at the Superbowl in 1984, the Dolphins lost against the 49ers.

During this center of his vocation, Dan kept on playing at a marvelously elevated degree of execution. In 1992, he drove the association in passing yards. He kept on driving the Dolphins to additional Superbowls, and in 1996 he turned into the main quarterback in NFL history to toss for 50,000 vocation passing yards. By 1999, he had tossed for 60,000 passing yards. His profession would end one year after the fact, and his last success was against the Seattle Seahawks.


In 1985, Dan Marino wedded Claire D. Veazey. Throughout the span of their relationship, they have had six youngsters together. In 2013, Dan conceded that he took part in an extramarital entanglements with a CBS worker back in 2005. Because of this undertaking, Marino fathered a seventh kid. He purportedly paid this CBS worker a huge number of dollars to keep their undertaking calm with an end goal to keep up with his standing.

Financial Issues

In 2012, it was accounted for that Dan Marino had lost an amount of $13.6 million after an organization called Digital Domain Media Group Inc. failed. Notwithstanding, the specific degree of his misfortunes was challenging to decide. Those near Dan expressed that they had no clue about how much the previous quarterback had really put resources into the bound organization.

One report expressed that at a certain point, Dan’s portions in the organization were valued at $14.5 million. After the worth of each offer dropped to 55 pennies, numerous eyewitnesses figured it out and arrived at the resolution that Marino had lost $13.6 million. Computerized Domain Media Group created very much a ruckus subsequent to making a 3D image of Tupac at the Coachella Music Festival.

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