Clinton Portis Net Worth: Clinton Portis is a resigned American football player who has a total assets of negative $5 million. Clinton Portis is generally renowned for his time playing for the Washington Redskins where he was a beginning running back for seven seasons. Clinton Portis acquired $43 million in compensation during his time in the NFL. Tragically he has experienced different monetary and legitimate issues in retirement.

Mississippi-conceived Portis began his football vocation at University of Miami, where he turned into the second first year recruit to begin at running back. Portis set the school first year recruit record with five 100-yard exhibitions. Anyway his sophomore season wasn’t as effective and he lost his employment to a partner named James Jackson. In 2001, Portis came retaliating and he drove his group to bringing home a public title. After a year Portis was gotten by Denver Broncos in the second round of 2002 NFL Draft.

At 22 years old, Portis turned into the most youthful player to have scored five scores in a game. Before the 2004 season, Portis was exchanged to the Redskins, who offered him an eight-year contract worth $50.5 million. During the 2006 season, Portis cause a stir as he broke the Redskins’ record for the most hurrying yard in a season (with 1,516 yards), making him the third player in the association history to have run more than 1,500 yards in three seasons. Moreover, during the 2008 season, Portis (alongside O.J. Simpson) turned into the main player in history to have scrambled for somewhere around 120 yards in five successive games. Anyway this arrived at sudden end when he surrender a few wounds, which prompted his takeoff from the Redskins in 2011.

Financial Problems

At the point when the wounds were completely said and done, Clinton Portis wound up procuring a sum of $43.1 million in compensation during his profession in the NFL. Sadly, that cash was totally cleared out through terrible speculations that were regulated by a monetary counsel. Things got so terrible, Portis would later make sense of, that he considered killing his previous counsels who wasted his millions. For all intents and purposes, Portis concedes that a piece of his fortune was lost because of a terrible betting propensity and general foolishness.

Clinton lost $8 million in a bombed club adventure. He sunk one more $2 million into an abundance the executives organization that ended up being a Ponzi plot. He supposedly didn’t cover his assessments (oweing the IRS $401,432.18 from 2006 and another $57,187.61 from 2010). In his liquidation desk work, he recorded another $175,000 in vehicle advances (for three vehicles) and $412,000 in neglected kid support.

For reasons unknown, he owed Entertainment Tonight journalist and previous sideline correspondent, Nischelle Turner, a portion of 1,000,000 bucks, and he has even recorded his mom as one of his loan bosses (he likewise owes her $500,000).

In December 2015 Clinton sought financial protection, posting $5 million in private obligations.

Federal Indictment

In December 2019, the US Department of Justice arraigned Clinton and a few other previous NFL players on charges of taking cash from the association’s medical services program. Portis and different players supposedly submitted counterfeit cases to the arrangement to be repaid cash. They were purportedly repaid for expensive and superfluous things like hyperbaric oxygen chambers and ultrasound machines.

In August 2021 a court in Florida requested Clinton’s capture for inability to pay his month to month $1,937 youngster support commitment. He apparently owed $147,000 with interest on his kid support.

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