Liberians Must Vote for Change Tomorrow

TOMORROW, LIBERIANS WILL go to the polls to elect a president and 73 representatives. These elections will witness for the first time in 73 years the smooth transition from an outgoing government to a new one-ending President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s two term constitutional mandate.
ON JANUARY 6, 2006, NOW outgoing President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf promised to revive the economy, restore public trust in government, provide adequate health and education, make corruption public enemy number one, etc. But corruption has overwhelmed the country and government.PRESIDENT JOHNON-SIRLEAF’S LEGACY is so blurred by an economy she is leaving that has both stagnated and stagflated-after boasting that her government had received foreign direct investments (FDIs) of US$16 billion. Yet this has not trickled down to the ordinary people. She leaves behind Messy Educational system and poor healthcare delivery program.
THE LIBERIAN ECONOMY is really suffering hyperinflation with the Liberian dollar depreciated against the US dollar at the rate of 122 LD to 1 USD. A gallon of gasoline is now 4 USD and a 20 kilogram of imported rice, the country’s staple, 20 USD.
PRESIDENT SIRLEAF HAD also promised Liberians that before her government leaves office, all county capitals would be linked by paved roads from Monrovia. But this has not been done. The Southeastern region of the country, with some of the most lucrative natural resources has been abandoned as well as roads leading to Lofa, the home of Vice president Boakai. The roads are left in tartar and citizens living rough in desperate conditions.
THE VERY JOSEPH Boakai, who admitted that the UP government had squandered many of the opportunities afforded them to improve the lives of the ordinary people is seeking to replace his boss. Isn’t that contradicting? Interestingly, Vice President Boakai is the only government official, by law, who serves in the Legislative and Executive Branches of Government. He participates in cabinet meetings and precise over the making of laws. He claimed the positives of the Ellen Government yet rejects the negatives-making Liberians to believe that Ellen is the evil genius in the government and that he’s the perfect guy.
THESE CONTRADICTING COMMENTS by the Vice President suggest he has something to hide. And as a matter of fact, the best way to move forward in these elections is a regime change-replacing the Unity Party Government with a new one. This is why, we call on all electorates, to go to polls tomorrow and vote the Unity Party Government out of power because Vice President Boakai has yet to show that he’s not part of the looting of the resources of this country. We believe that keeping Boakai in power will mean perpetuate criminality in government. Go to the polls tomorrow and vote for change.

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