Health Hazard Looms In Fiamah

Thousands of residents in Fiamah, Sinkor including over 500 children attending the Top International School in the community are currently threatened by offensive order from the huge stockpile of abandon garbage from the abandon Fiamah waste collection site.  The Fiamah waste collection site is manage by the Government of Liberia through the Monrovia City Corporation. Recently MCC employees and contractors laid down their working tools in demand of compensation and improve working environment.
According to our reporter who toured the facilities over the weekend, due to the go-slow action, over 500 kids attending the Top International School along with residents of Fiamah are currently living in pollution as flies and mosquitoes have overwhelm the entire community.
Due to the go-slow action, normal academic activities at the Top International School System in Fiamah are said to be threatened as school officials and students struggle with the offensive order from the abandon garbage.
Speaking to reporter on the school campus, the Principal of the school Mrs. Ada Zuu-Kormah, said “said the situation was posing serious health hazard to students attending the school.
“If you go in the cafeteria, you will see the flies all over the place, fly are sitting everywhere, this situation is serious,” she said.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Zuu-Kormah is calling on government and partners responsible for waste management to see reason and immediately relocate the garbage collection site from the community.
The district Representative Munah Pelham-Younglood, has recommended the relocation of the site from the community but to no avail.
She has meanwhile expressed serious disappointment over the refusal of the government to adhere to her plea and relocate the site.
Citizens in the area have threatened to stage a road block in the community, as a means to seek government intervention.
When our reporter contacted the Manager of the station, who refused to call his name, urged our reporter to proceed to City Hall on grounds that he was not in the mood to conduct interview.
At the City Hall, officials on duty confirmed the go-slow but said mediating efforts were underway to resolve the problem. Writes, Darlington Porkpa.

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