Change Is Inevitable -George Weah Tells Liberians

“I say to you my mothers, my fathers, my friends and partisans, change is inevitable. We must not be afraid of change, because Liberia cannot be worst with a Weah’s leadership, Liberia can only be better with a Weah’s leadership. I love you and I love this country”, George Weah, the Standard Bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), said when he visited the Nancy B. Doe Market.  He told the marketers Friday that “Let believe that if you make me president, Liberia will be a better country. On October 10, we will be going to the polls, my number is # 17, but while I am # 17, and this year is 2017, it tells you that we have being praying to God for a new Liberia in 2017 and #17 will be your choice, so this is the time and don’t allow anyone to make you afraid.”
Weah said “I know that they come to you in the market to talk to you about Joseph Boakai, people will come here and beat on you, take your table because they want you to be at their rallies, but I can tell you that Amb. Boakai for 42 years in government has done nothing for you and for this country.”
He noted that Amb. Boakai has been Vice President for twelve years and president of the senate, he has done nothing, so we cannot give the Unity Party another twelfth years.
Sen. Weah averred that another twelve years of Unity Party led government will be a disaster in Liberia. “Liberians want their taxes to be low; want their rice price to come down. We want to build our roads, hospitals, we want our children to go to school free, and we want to make sure that even if you don’t have money you can go to hospital free of charge, so under the Joseph Boakai government, I say it is not possible.”
Sen. Weah advised the marketers not to vote for Amb. Boakai, warning that doing so, will move Liberia back again.
For one hundred and seventy years, look at Liberia that everyone talks about, said Weah. “I went to Joseph Boakai home as and reached far as Kolahun but I couldn’t go to Foya because there was no road. You cannot be vice president for twelve years and your village that you live before don’t have roads. Everyone is living in huts but we have been fool.” So I want to tell our young voters that this is the time for change because we must bring our country back, and give power back to Liberians, he pointed out.
Earlier, the market women presented kola nuts to Sen. Weah, symbolizing their love, patriotism and support to him and the CDC. Speaking on behalf of the Nancy B. Doe Market women, head of the market only identified as Ma Bandu, thanked God for “given them a true son of the soil” and pledged their support to Weah and the CDC party.
While at the program, a man believes to be in his 80s walked up to Weah and said: “Oh! My son, I asked God to see you or touch you before I die and He has blessed me today to see you.” He touched Weah and said “May God bless you my son.”
Meanwhile, the Montserrado Senator displayed a show of strength when he entered Buchanan City Saturday. People ran from every corner-they came from everywhere in the county.
Marketers abandoned their wares, shouting the name of George Weah. “Georgie, Georgie, Georgie” while they trooped behind his motorcade on the main Tubman Street, before turning to the Fare Grounds where speeches were made to the people of Bassa.
Weah said his intention to be president of Africa’s oldest black independent nation is simple-transform the lives of the people. He said Liberians are proud people, but added that they have nothing to make them proud.
Weah pointed out that it is time to intervene but noted that the intervention cannot be done by just anyone, but someone who has love for the country-someone who has passion to change lives and make the infrastructure modern. He told the Bassa people that he has come to bring change for the better.
All we are here to do is simple-make your lives better-make health care and school going affordable, he added.
He called on the people of Bassa to vote the Unity Party Government out and vote him instead for better service.
He stated that lot of the People in the Unity Party Government are scared of change because they fear their own shadows.

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